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Suppliers of Kilts and Other MUGs

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Kilts - Modern Variations

UtilikiltsUtilikilts - A growing enterprise in Seattle, Washington, offering workman- and commando-styled kilts Amerikiltwith cargo pockets and belt loops, in camouflage material, denim, and other fabrics.  (See photo.) The original "standard" model (which had a front fly and pleats all around) has been largely replaced by the "neo-traditional" model, which wraps around and has a front panel like a regular kilt.  Utilikilts are extremely practical, have the convenience of  cargo pants, are machine washable, are easy to sit and walk in, and are even more comfortable than regular kilts. They have revolutionized the concept of kilts and are spearheading the movement to popularize male unbifurcated garments.

AmeriKilts, Inc. - A new enterprise near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, making reasonably priced, individually made casual kilts in solid black, olive, tan, and tiger-stripe camouflage, made from cotton-polyester blended fabric.  AmeriKilts have a full front apron, fastened with six snaps, a rear hip pocket, and a roomy, detachable cloth sporran in front.  (See photo.)  The BreacanA 21st Century KiltHaving much less fabric and shallower pleats than a regular kilt, AmeriKilts are trim in appearance and ideal for warmer weather and casual wear.  They can be made to your individual waist size and length preference.  (When measuring length, be aware that they start about an inch higher than trousers.)

Kinloch Anderson - Scottish kilt makers who offer the "Breacan," a very comfortable light-weight kilted garment for men. It is ideal for warmer weather and casual wear and significantly less expensive than the traditional kilt.  (See photo.) Kinloch Anderson also sells traditional Scottish Highland wear.

TFCK- 21st Century Kilts - Real men's kilts by Geoffrey (Tailor), offered in a variety of fabrics and styles.  (See photo.) For the past few years, TFCK has been revolutionizing the image of kilts in Scotland and United Kingdom.  Geoffrey (Tailor) also sells traditional Scottish Highland wear.

Bear Kilts - Casual kilts from British Columbia, Canada, made of soft, lightweight poly/viscose fabric, available in a number of tartans or solid black.

Great Scot - A supplier in Indiana offering casual canvas kilts, in black, olive, or forest green, designed by Buzz Kidder. These are also being sold by The Scottish Tartan Museum, a supplier in North Carolina.

Neo Kilts - A new supplier of casual, non-tartan kilts, with adjustable buckles and two hidden pockets, located in Washington state.

13th Colony Apparel (formerly NeoKilts of Savannah) - A supplier of casual and traditional kilts in Savannah, Georgia.

USA Kilts - A maker of a casual kilts in a variety of tartans and fabrics (as well as some more traditional kilts), located in Audubon, Pennsylvania. - A maker of kilts, casual kilts, great kilts, and custom kilts in a variety of tartans and fabrics.  (Formerly known as "")

Freedom Kilts - A maker of casual kilts in Victoria, British Columbia, offering a variety of options for pockets.

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Kilts - Traditional Highland Wear

Burnett's and Struth - A Canadian supplier of kilts and Scottish wear.

E-Kilts - An Internet source of traditional Scottish kilts, located in Edinburgh.

Hillwalker KiltHector Russell, Kiltmaker - A Scottish kiltmaking company that offers the "Hillwalker" style of kilt (see photo), as well as traditional kilts and Highland wear.

Heritage Of - Supplier of traditional and casual kilts and accessories, located in Edinburgh.

Highland Heritage - A source of quality kilts and Scottish goods in the United States, located in Delaware.

Highland Store - A Scottish-goods shop, with locations in London, which sells moderately priced men's kilts in a limited number of tartans, made of Saxony wool (which is not nearly as durable as the usual worsted wool).

J. Higgins, Ltd. - An American supplier of kilts and Scottish wear, located in Kansas.

McRok - A supplier of traditional and casual kilts, located in Scotland.

North Channel Kilts - A supplier of kilts, located in Seattle, Washington. "Casual kilts" are also available.

Scottish Design Highland Dress - A Scottish-trained kiltmaker on Vancouver Island, B.C.

Scottish - A relatively inexpensive on-line source of traditional kilts made in Scotland.

The Scottish Lion - A supplier of Scottish wear, located in New Hampshire, which also offers a selection of custom tweed casual kilts, about half the weight of regular kilts.

The Celtic Croft (formerly The Shetland Piper) - Supplier of Scottish goods, including budget, casual, formal, and great kilts.

Scotweb Store - Scottish internet retailer of kilts and Highland Dress.  Its website includes a comprehensive tartan finder.

The Tartan Box - Scottish supplier of kilts and other Scottish wear.

Tribal Tartans - Makers of Highland dress and "urban kilt wear," located in Scotland.

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Lip Service "Leather" KiltKilts - Novelty and Specialty

Sport KiltSport Kilt - Light-weight, inexpensive, ready-made kilts for sports or very casual wear, with several tartan patterns to choose from.  (See photo.)  A new addition is the "Boulder Kilt," which comes in black, khaki, olive drab, gun metal gray, and woodland camo.

Stage Clothes - Selling Lip Service Brand kilts for men, made of a polyester-rayon blend in plaid prints, fastened with velcro, and relatively cheap.

Lip Service - Offering some polyester-rayon blend kilts for men in a few plaid prints.  From time to time they have also offered other examples of the kilt as "punk" fashion (such as the "Guy's Hellbent for Leather" kilt shown in the photo).

Museum Replicas Limited - A maker of historical clothing reproductions offers inexpensive, light-weight kilts in limited tartans and sizes. Men's Roman tunics are also available. (To find product,  go to the "Search" box and type in "kilt" or "tunic".)

LungiMan SurfkiltRunning Kilts - Not actually kilts, more like unbifurcated running shorts for men. No inseam to chafe the crotch or bunch up between the legs. From Scot Action Sports.

Stillwater Kilts - A maker of inexpensive acrylic kilts in economy, standard, and heavy weights, in limited tartans and sizes, located in Minnesota.

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Men's Sarongs, Skirts, and Other Unbifurcated Garments

Male skirt from Men in TimeAfa Tasi Polynesian Tribal Gear - A company in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, selling men's "Warrior Cloth" sarongs in a variety of patterns, featuring a matching velcro cargo pocket to hold your money, keys or wallet.

AMOK - A Swiss enterprise that designs and sells skirts for men, with outlets in Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands.

CitySkirt - "Men's clothing from the future.™"  A company in Washington state making skirts for men.

Just Change by J'DEZ - A new line of kilts, skirts, and sarongs for men.

The Kikoy Co. - A company located in the United Kingdom and Kenya, which sells kikoys - cotton wrap skirts, with colored bands or stripes, worn by men and women in Kenya and other parts of East Africa.

LungiMan Surf Designs - Surfing "kilts" (actually, they are more like sarongs) in a numMale skirt from Midasber of patterns. (See photo.)

Men in Time,  by AndersLandinger.  An enterprise in Munich, Germany, that designs and sells a variety of long and not-so-long skirts for men. Stylish but expensive.  (See photo.)  Unfortunately, their on-line store is now closed.

Midas - A British designer and merchandiser of men's skirts, in many styles and fabrics.  (See photo.)

Persus Men's Clubwear - A German enterprise selling long menskirts (wickelröcke) at moderate prices. - A supplier of men's sarongs.

1 World Sarongs - A supplier of sarongs.

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Deva Morocco RobeUnisex Unbifurcated Garments Macabi

Deva Lifewear - Products include a unisex "djellaba" and a unisex "Morocco robe" (see photo). 


Macabi Skirts - Promoted as "the original adventure travel skirt" and sold in both men's and women's sizes, this adjustable unbifurcated garment can be worn as a long skirt, a short skirt, or as shorts.  It is a favorite of male white-water rafters in the American Southwest (as seen in the photo).

Mountain Kilt


Mountain Kilt - A unisex hiking "kilt" (actually, a nylon wrap skirt with pockets and no pleats, fastening on the left) from Mountain Hardware. (See photo.) This was favorably reviewed by a male hiker in Backpacker Magazine, who extolled the new-found comfort of hiking in an unbifurcated garment. (Caution: We have received a report from one customer that the "XL" waist size he ordered came smaller than indicated on the unisex sizing chart.) 

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Kilt Accessories

(Under construction.)

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Photographs: Standard, original model "Utilikilt" in olive; the "Breacan" from Kinloch Anderson; a Twenty-First Century Kilt; Amerikilt in black; "Hillwalker" kilt, from Hector Russell; Sport Kilt;  Lip Service "Guy's Hellbent for Leather Kilt"; LungiMan "SurfKilt"; Men in Time man's long skirt; man's pleated skirt from Midas Clothing; "Morocco Robe" from Deva Lifewear; Macabi worn by white-water rafter in Utah; Mountain Hardware "Mountain Kilt," as shown in Backpacker Magazine.

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