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Bravehearts' Photo Gallery 2

This Photo Gallery contains pictures submitted by various Bravehearts of themselves in traditional tartan kilts.  (For pictures of Bravehearts in modern kilt variations and other MUGs (male unbifurcated garments), see Bravehearts' Photo Gallery 3.)  If you would like to submit your photograph for consideration, please see the guidelines at the bottom of the page.

Al (Northeastern England)

Ancient Davidson of Tulloch tartan, worn at Tulloch Castle near Dingwall, Scotland.

Alexander (Hawick, Scotland)

Wearing a heavy-weight black woolen kilt at Summerlee Heritage Centre, Coatbridge, Scotland.

Allen (Arvada, Colo.)

Black Watch tartan kilt, with Mindy wearing a matching sash, before the Governor's Art Show.

Andrew (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Former Liverpool native, wearing Ancient Blackwatch tartan, visiting Pskov, Russia, where Pushkin lived.

Andrew (St. Petersburg, Russia)

In Ancient MacQueen tartan, with wife Anna at their wedding at Furshtatsky Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Andy and Friend (Sussex, England)

Andy (on left) and new kilt convert (in formal outfit) on Burns Night.

Austin (Water Mill, NY) & Jai (NYC)

Austin (on left) and Jai in Scottish kilts, watching the Tartan Day parade in New York City, 4/3/04.

Austin (Water Mill, NY) and Jai (NYC)

Austin (on left) and Jai wearing Scottish kilts in Central Park, New York City, after Tartan Day parade.

Binx (St. Charles, Mo.)

Black Watch tartan kilt at the Tartan Day parade in St. Charles, Missouri.

Brett (Philadelphia, Pa.)

Kilt in the MacNaughton Tartan, worn at the home of a Scots friend.

Brett C. (Pleasant View, Utah)

Wearing a Prince Charlie jacket and Royal Stewart tartan at his Junior Prom in March 2006.

Bryan (River Forest, IL)

National Millennium Tartan, getting ready for high school class reunion.

Chris (Toronto, Ont., Canada)

Lloyd of Wales tartan kilt, with an embossed Celtic dragon sporran from Caledonian Creations in Scotland.

Cory (Batavia, NY)

Member of Clan Henderson, wearing the Irish National Tartan with black day wear sporran.

Daniel (New York City)

Great kilt in Ferguson weathered tartan, at the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games & Gathering of Clans, in North Carolina, USA.

Daniel K. (Pleasant View, Utah)

Wearing a Prince Charlie jacket and Black Watch tartan at his Junior Prom in March 2006.

David (Drammen, Norway)

David, originally from the U.K., in a modern dress Gunn outfit at his home in Norway.

Donnie (Statesville, N.C.)

Tartan kilt, worn by a Braveheart who has section-hiked the Appalachian Trail in kilts.

Fred (Vernon, B.C.)

McGregor kilt outfit worn on Halloween in Maui in 2002.

Fred (Vernon, B.C.)

Formal evening attire with a Hunting McMillan tartan, worn at a Christmas party in Maryland.

Glen C. (Tampa Bay, Fla.)

Traditional 9-yard kilt in the Ancient Kennedy tartan, which he wore to his wedding.

Graham (Tasmania, Australia)

Graham wearing his first kilt for a Hogmanay celebration Down Under.

Greg R. (Spokane, Wash.)

Wearing a Modern Hunting MacLean tartan (honoring his wife's clan) and a home-made skunk sporran.

Hunter (Ketchikan, Alaska)

At a New Year's Eve party, Dec. 31, 2004.

Jamie (Washington State)

Member of Clan Graham, with his dog, Ceilidh, before attending the Enumclaw Highland Games in 2005.

Jason (Colorado Springs, CO)

Wearing a feileadh beag at the Colorado Renaissance Festival.

Jef (Dallas, Texas)

Full 12th century kilted garb, which he wears to parties and festivals.

Jeff (Indianapolis, Indiana)

This piper in his Royal Stewart tartan kilt - one of several kilts he wears regularly.

Jerry N. (Bankeryd, Sweden)

Wearing MacThomas tartan kilt outside the lab where he works in Ryhov Jonkoping, Sweden.

Jim (New York City)

Wearing a great kilt and broadsword on his horse Honda, in 2005 NY Tartan Day Parade.

John (Duvall, Wash.)

A 9-yd. 18 oz. MacKenzie Modern tartan kilt, while visiting a greenhouse in Woodinville, Wash., in December.

John H. & Ret. Col. David P. (El Paso, Tex.)

The Colonel (left) in Munro tartan and John in Black Watch tartan, at a military ball at Ft. Bliss, Texas.

John M. (Holly, Michigan)

Wearing the MacLaren tartan, with a fox sporran, Jacobite shirt, and Irish Blackthorn walking stick, at a Ren Festival.

Kilted Mountainman (Juneau, Alaska)

Snow-shoeing at Lemon Creek, in Juneau, Alaska.

Lajos and friends (Budapest, Hungary)

Gabor, Gabor, Lajos, Gyorgy (1st Hungarian bagpiper), and Daniel (youngest Hungarian bagpiper) celebrating the first birthday of the Albannach Scottish Society in Budapest.

Lance, et al. (Bozeman, Mont.)

Ken in a lava lava, Colin and Phil in home-made great kilts, and Lance in a home-made little kilt, singing "The Scotsman" at a local bar.

Larry L. (Los Angeles, Cal.)

Black Watch tartan kilt, worn while visiting the "Titanic Exhibit" at the Museum of Science.

Lawrence (Caņon City, Colo.)

Wearing MacFarlane Ancient Hunting tartan, with clan member Mark, at the Gaelic Highland Festival in Caņon City, Colorado.

Lee (Savannah, Ga.)

Lee wearing a County Galway tartan from Ireland, with his wife at a New Year's party.

Maxim (Ukraine)

Gordon dress tartan kilt, worn at a concert of the Irish rock band "Belfast."

McIntosh Men (Victoria, B.C.)

Father Stewart & brothers David, Russ & Rob at David's wedding, wearing Hunting Stewart, Hunting MacIntosh, & red MacIntosh tartans.

Michael P. (Falmouth, Maine)

Wearing a Stillwater Black Watch tartan kilt in sub-freezing winter weather.

Mike (Manchester, England)

McKenzie tartan, worn at his 10th anniversary celebration, with his daughter and a friend.

Muddy (Portland, Ore.)

Royal Stewart budget kilt from Shetland Piper, accessorized with a walking stick and canine friend.

Philippe (Paris, France)

National Breton tartan, worn by a French Braveheart proud of his Breton Celtic heritage.

Pierre (Longueuil, Quebec)

French-Canadian kilt-lover wearing the Province of Quebec tartan.

Randy M. (Anmore, B.C.)

MacLean of Duart tartan kilt, worn on the shore overlooking Indian Arm, British Columbia.

Rob (Pittsburgh, PA)

Kilt in the Wilson tartan, worn by Platoon Sergeant in a U.S. Army evacuation unit in Iraq.

Robert P. (Cleburne, Texas)

Wearing the Pride of Scotland tartan.

Scott (Olympia, WA)

Playing the pipes in a Stuart of Butte tartan kilt at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA.

Stuart (Lafayette, Ga.)

Great kilt in the MacNeil tartan, worn to work on St. Patrick's Day.

Sven (Zwolle, Netherlands)

Morrison tartan kilt, at a bagpipe festival in Holland.

Sven (Zwolle, Netherlands)

Hiking in Holland, in a Morrison tartan kilt.

Timothy (San Francisco, CA)

Wearing the tartan of County Donegal, the place in Northern Ireland where his Scottish ancestors lived before coming to America.

Tom M. (Vail Valley, Colo.)

Wearing the tartan of his birthplace, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, while skiing with wife Marcia at Beaver Creek, Colorado, on Christmas Day.

Tom T. (Aubigny-sur-nere, France)

Drum major of the pipe band of Aubigny-sur-nere, France, in the Hunting Stewart tartan.

Uncle John (Midlothian, Texas)

Wearing a traditional "Braveheart" style kilt in the Harrington Clan tartan.

Wes (Satellite Beach, Fla.)

In Irish National tartan kilt, one of several that he wears every day.

Will K. (Crafton, PA)

Wearing a kilt made by his wife using the Crafton High School colors, at a Fourth of July parade.

Guidelines for submission of pictures to be considered for inclusion in the gallery:

1.  The picture must be of yourself. If other people are identifiable in the picture, you must have their permission to submit it.

2.  You must be wearing a kilt or other MUG. There is no restriction as to the type of MUG or its ethnicity, but it must be designed and intended to be men's clothing (or at least unisex) and consistent with the masculine Braveheart image.

3.  Submissions should be by e-mail to and should include:

a.  The photograph by e-mail attachment, preferably in JPEG format - OR - the URL of the picture's location on the Internet if it is already posted somewhere else and is capable of being copied or downloaded.

b.  The name by which you wish to be identified, and the city, state, and/or country in which you live.

c.  A brief description of what you are wearing and any other interesting information about the location or event pictured.

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