Men in Kilts, Men's Skirts, Sarongs and Other Kilt-like Clothing


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Other Websites about Men's Kilts and Skirts

Alternative Fashion - A French-language website, with links to websites for men in kilts and skirts in various other countries.

Dick Clark in "tuxedo" Utilikilt - A personal website devoted to men's kilts and skirts, with links, photographs, and other items of interest.

Jan Bruyndonckx 's Web Site - Good information, pictures, and links about kilts, sarongs, and skirts for men. Includes instructions for kilt making.

Celtic Kate's Men in Kilts - Impressive photo gallery compiled by a gal who loves to see men in kilts.

Dhotis R Us - A graduate student at Duke University relates his experiences wearing this traditional Indian MUG.

Evolution of the Kilt - An illustrated series of articles tracing the history of the kilt from ancient to modern times.

GayKilts - Website of a gay kilt society in the United Kingdom.

Historical Boys Clothing - An expansive, illustrated study of boys' clothing through history, showing many examples of the dresses, skirts, and kilts that boys customarily wore up through the early 20th century. 

IMFF.NET - The International Mens Fashion Freedom Network - A new website promoting skirts for men, with pictures and links (including a gallery of pictures from the "Men in Skirts" exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London that took place in February 2002). - Every day is "Kilt Day" on this website, which promotes kilt-wearing for meBlack denim Utilikiltn.

Kilted Life - A website for kilts, men in kilts, and alternative unbifurcated clothing for men.

Kilt Review - A forum for the peer review of kilts by those who wear them. - A personal website and blog about kilts and Utilikilts.

Männer in Röcken (Men in Skirts) - A website in German and English with detailed discussions on the subject.

Men in Skirts - Galleries - A British website with galleries of MUG shots throughout history and around the world.

Men in Skirts? - A personal web page by another enthusiast for men's kilts and skirts, Utilikilts, and other alternatives to trousers. 

Men in Skirts - A Personal View - A personal website containing a gallery showing men's skirt-like garments through history and around the world.

Michael Sattler's web pages  - Personal web pages promoting kilts and Utilikilts for men.

Real Men Wear Kilts - Personal website of a Canadian kilt enthusiast. - A website devoted to the wearing of kilts, with articles and links.

Articles on Other Websites

The Breeze between Your Knees - An article in Seattle about the first anniversary of Utilikilts.

Built, in Kilts, To Last - An article in the Denver Post about "Karpenters in Kilts," a Colorado construction crew that wears tartan kilts on the job.Michael & Jeanne Bulter, makers of Amerikilts

Celebs and Their Kilts - Illustrated report in Hello magazine about male celebrities wearing kilts.

Chicago Daily Herald articles on kilts and Utilikilts, by Joel Reese: Don't call it a 'skirt'"; "Things to know before you wear the kilt"; and "Will the men-in-skirts idea ever catch on?"

Confident men appreciate comfort, practicality of kilts - Associated Press article about the Utilikilts phenomenon.

Dressed to the Kilt - A news article in the New York Times about men's kilt fashion. (This may require a free registration for access.)

He's confident to the hilt (and online selling kilts) - A news article in the Philadelphia Inquirer about AmeriKilts in particular and men in kilts in general.

His fashion - A short article in the Guardian Unlimited Observer about kilts, Utilikilts, and men's skirts from Midas Clothing. "If you've got the legs, flaunt them. Skirts for men are headed your way."

Kilting With Confidence - An article in the Scotsman about the proper attitude in kilt-wearing, as discovered by new kilt convert, Samuel L. Jackson. Highland Water delivery uniform

Lads in plaid making waves - Article in the Denver Post about Highland Water - a bottled water company in Colorado that requires all its deliverymen to wear kilts as their new uniform.  (See photo.)

Real Men Wear Skirts - An article in the Financial Times about the increasing popularity of kilts among male celebrities, plus new developments in men's kilt fashion.

Sarong Song - A rousing endorsement of sarongs by an African-American man who wears them regularly for comfort and self-expression.

Schuh Magazine - An article about 21st Century Kilts.

Search For Heritage Ends With Man In Skirt - Humorous piece by a columnist for about building confidence to wear a Utilikilt.

Seattle Weekly Features - An article about Utilikilts.

The Sporran Clan - A sassy website promoting kilt-wearing for men in Scotland.

Whole lotta Lava Lava going on - An article in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin about the Hawaiian kikepa (a sarong-type garment worn by both men and women), including step-by-step pictures showing how to wear them.


Men in Skirts - by Andrew Bolton (publication delayed), based on the "Men in Skirts" exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London that took place in February 2002.

Photographs: Black standard Utilikilt; Dick Clark in a "Tuxedo" model Utilikilt; Michael and Jeanne Butler, makers of AmeriKilts.

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